Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Magic of Manifesting

I've been studying the art of manifesting for over a decade now. It's become the new spiritual buzzword since the smash-hit movie "The Secret" has made unprecedented word-of-mouth impact as it's been spreading like wildfire throughout the country (

If you're unfamiliar with the term "manifesting", this is my basic definition: What you think about, you bring about into existence. Basically, your thoughts become things. Period.

Now I realize to some of you that this sounds just like positive-thinking mumbo-jumbo. And years ago I would have thought the same thing myself, being raised in a rather skeptical household. But after applying very specific thinking, feelings and actions in my life, the wildest of miracles have been taking place. By doing very specific and focused "meditations", I've landed a tv show, met my wonderful boyfriend, and have magically manifested objects, help, money and miracles at every turn. And all of these in lightning speed, if you can believe it.

When you think about what you desire, as if it's already come into your life, and FEEL the sensations, joy, exhileration, or excitement around already HAVING it, then it's as if you become a giant manifesting-magnet. You instantly tune yourself into all things floating in that realm of existence. Situations, people and objects gravitate to you like steel to a magnet. It's simple, if you know the rules.

We also magnetize not-so-great experiences into our life in the exact same manner. When we think about something negative, we become a Negative-Attracting Magnet. Negative people, things and experiences come flying in from every direction to glom onto your life.

The thing that I find most fascinating is my most often-asked question: "But there's no way this manifesting-business is true! I DO want more [fill in the blank]! And I focus on it all the time just like you said. But it never, EVER happens..." (I love peoples' honesty.)

But when I probe beneath the surface and hear their stories, I see a common undercurrent. Yes, they're right in that they THINK they are focusing on what they want. But in reality, and in every instance, they are actually focusing on the what they don't want instead — the lack of the desired "thing". Wanting for something is far, far different than experiencing the expectation or belief as if it's already been achieved. Wanting something just tells the world you don't have it, and you turn into a magnet for someone who "doesn't have" what they want. It draws the exact opposite of your desires to you, and many spend their entire lives not knowing this simple fact.

Do you want more money, but in actuality spend more time thinking about your credit card debt, how much things cost, the late rent payment, or the rising gas prices? By saying "I wish I were out of debt", your unconscious mind is focused on your debt. Your statement is pointing a direct arrow to the topic of "debt". And what you think about becomes reality. Think of how many people you know pay off their credit cards onto to have they maxed out again in no time. A more helpful way to live in financial abundance would be to focus on the amazing abundance already in their life. Revel in all the support from the world, even if it's just the roof over your head, food that you have to eat. And if you can stretch yourself, imagine yourself living where you'd love to live, driving the car you'd love to drive, wearing the clothes you'd love to wear. What does it feel like to live in this manner? How do you FEEL in the car, in the clothes, in the home, being loved, being adored? The feeling aspect of manifesting is the real key. It's the final ingredient in the potion that really brings out all the magic...

Try on the following statements. See them, feel them, picture the details as if they already exist:

• "I'm always organized, prompt and prepared for all situations" (instead of "I'm instead of "I don't want to be late for work")

• "I'm healthy and have lots of energy" (instead of "I don't want to be sick and feel tired anymore")

• "I'm thin, strong, and sexy" (instead of "I don't want to be fat")

• "I have money come effortlessly into my life" (rather than "I want more more money")

• "I am in a passionate, fulfilling, committed relationship" (rather than "I want to find a good man")

Is this all making sense? Are things becoming a bit clearer? Are you seeing how you create all the good and the not-so-good in your life?

Be who you want to become. See life through the eyes of those you admire. Live as you hope to live. It's then that your dreams will start becoming more than just dreams. Reality, my friend. They will become your reality.

©2007 Stephanie McWilliams

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